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GARFIELD COUNTY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – The Good4Utah Road Tour rolled into a slice of Utah that will take your breath away: Kodachome Basin State Park.
This area is known for the red rock and horseback trails, but Garfield County is also known for its sandstone and slot canyons. 
When you visit Kodachrome State Park, you travel right through Garfield County and this is the place you need to stop. It showcases the sandstone and slot canyons Southern Utah is known for.
“The water is really fun because you get really wet and it’s really refreshing.”
“It’s kind of epic, it’s overwhelming to look around. I always think of the pioneers coming through and going look at this,” said Jodi Hedges, visitor from Montana. 
Stunning slot canyons tucked into the scenery at Grand Staircase are waiting for you in Garfield County. 
“The red rock always amazes me, you’re driving down and all of a sudden boom—there’s the hoodoos and red rocks and it’s like wow. Come and check it out,” said Ben and Barbara Dolman, Saratoga Springs residents. 
Willis Creek is a family-friendly slot canyon in the county. It shows off red walls that tower at times up to 30 feet. The narrow canyon is formed by wear of the water that pushes through the rock and that water remains creating beautiful waterfalls and shaded crevices that make your hike even enjoyable. 
“It’s amazing and there’s so many of these as well. And it’s close to Bryce, but a lot of people don’t know about it, it’s very nice,” said the Dolmans.  
Willis Creek allows anyone the chance to experience a slot canyon, but right up the road in Grand Staircase is Bull Valley Gorge. If you’re looking for grandeur, the gorge delivers with 100 foot walls and only about 30 feet in width. The landscape ropes you in. 
“I feel very lucky to live here. I’ve lived my whole life in Garfield county and it’s very unique,” said Lori Veater with Garfield County Tourism. 
Lori Veater works for the board of tourism and she has been trekking through these slot canyons her entire life. She says Garfield County has some of the friendliest people around on top of that easy access to the national monument and state park.
Veater says it doesn’t matter how many times you visit; the slot canyons will always leave you in awe. 
“There are really pretty colors, you’ve got the red and white ones, you’ve got the gray and yellow, its real diverse. It’s really unique, you get in there and sometimes it’s cool, there’s water like the ones we’ve been in today. It gives the kids something to do in and play in,” said Veater. 
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