SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Prior to Kouri Richins’ arrest on May 8, the Utah mom and children’s book author accused of killing her husband sent an email to officials to “clarify” a few of their questions, according to court documents.

On April 19, Richins allegedly sent an email to Summit County authorities to clarify some points she had previously discussed. Det. Jeff O’Driscoll, the lead investigator on the case, was carbon copied on the email.

In the email, Richins addressed her “exotic vacations” since her husband’s passing, his alleged affair, her mental health, their supposed lack of financial problems, and her work ambitions.

The letter also provided contact information for her previous nanny who she said could give information on her family, saying “If anyone can tell you about our marriage, it’s her. She lived with us. Feel free to call her.”

In the letter, Richins addressed claims of exotic vacations saying she took two trips last year, one because her kids qualified to play soccer in Spain and another to go on their annual trip to Mexico. She said it is “not new for us to go to Mexico or for us to go out of the country or on a vacation with our kids.”

She then wrote about Eric’s alleged affair saying it was not true that she had ever moved out, rather she said she took a weekend away to make sure it was clear she would leave if he did not end things with the other woman.

She said they then figured things out “like most couples do” and went to counseling together four times afterward.

Richins then wrote about her mental health saying she had postpartum after her second child in 2014 and had taken medication for it.

She then addressed finances saying they had never had financial problems during their marriage and that she had not been financially reliant on her husband during the last five years.

Finally, she addressed how her husband had not wanted her to work as his first wife had allegedly cheated on him with someone at work and he preferred the “typical conservative life” with a “homemaker wife.”

However, Richins said that was not her personality and said she later started a business, and while it took some adjusting, she said “We hired a Nanny and everything worked out.”

Richins finished her letter with the following statement:

“Happy to clarify or provide anything else you may need. I just want this over, I just want our lives back and to move on and grieve and mourn my husband without looking over my shoulder constatnly for you guys, or the idiotic Private investigator or the Richins family. Whatever I can do to help close this out, just ask I’ll give you or tell you whatever you want to know!

Please check with the lab on those gummies.”

-Kouri Richins

While Eric Richins was not a known drug user, information presented by the state at Richins’ bail hearing on Monday showed that occasionally Eric was known to have taken THC gummies. At that hearing, Richins was denied bail during her pretrial period.

Richins has been accused of poisoning her husband, Eric Richins, with fentanyl. She was arrested approximately three weeks after the email in court documents was sent.

The court will meet again in person at noon on Thursday, June 22 for a scheduling conference.