SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Katie Richins-Benson, the sister of the late Eric Richins and representative of the Eric Richins Estate, filed a lawsuit seeking more than $13 million from Kouri Richins and her realty company on Tuesday.

The lawsuit makes several claims against Kouri, who is currently awaiting trial after being accused of killing Eric, her husband, by fentanyl poisoning. The claims include money theft, fraudulent credit card charges, and misappropriation for using Eric Richins’ likeness in her book, among others.

In addition, Benson asks the court that Kouri and her realty business be tied together and be held jointly reliable, as opposed to being seen as separate entities.

The latest lawsuit alleges Kouri had “willfully interfered” with Eric’s property by taking possession of his credit cards without permission and taking money from his bank accounts. According to the lawsuit, Kouri’s realty business was about $6 million in debt and its bank account was overdrawn by $22,000.

Following Eric’s death, Kouri notably wrote, published and began selling a book called “Are You With Me?” Kouri said the book was to help herself, her children, and others on how to deal with the death of a loved one. Benson claims the book uses events and details from Eric’s life, which Kouri did not have consent to do.

Through the lawsuit, Benson is calling for Kouri to pay for the allegedly stolen money, as well as damages caused Kouri’s alleged “unlawful pattern of activity,” including the wrongful death of Eric Richins. In total, Benson wishes for Kouri to pay a total of $13 million along with attorney fees, costs, and any further relief the court deems “just and equitable.”

Benson’s lawsuit through the Estate comes less than a month after Kouri filed a lawsuit against the Eric Richins Estate. Kouri claims she deserves several monetary and physical assets thanks to a prenup signed between her and Eric in 2023. Her lawsuit claims she has a right to money from Eric’s business, personal property and the family home in which they lived.

Benson had filed a motion to dismiss the claims due to homicide, but until Kouri is, or is not, convicted the motion cannot be granted.

The lawsuit filed by Katie Benson and the Eric Richins Estate against Kouri Richins and Kouri Richins Realty can be seen in its entirety below: