(ABC4) – Hoping to travel somewhere this summer? Here is a list of the cheapest U.S. flight destinations for 2022 according to Scott’s Cheap Flights.

10. Hawaii

Average: $347 Roundtrip

9. San Francisco

Average: $181 Roundtrip

8. Los Angeles, California

Average: $174 Roundtrip

7. Las Vegas, Nevada

Average: $171 Roundtrip

6. NYC, New York

Average: $168 Roundtrip

5. Washington, DC

Average: $162 Roundtrip

4. Tampa, Florida

Average: $154 Roundtrip

3. Chicago, Illinois

Average: $153 Roundtrip

2. Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Average: $151 Roundtrip

1. Boston, Massachusetts

Average: $146 Roundtrip

The cheapest flights to buy from Utah:

  • Africa: Cairo, Egypt for $648   
  • Asia: Tokyo, Japan for $425
  • Canada: Vancouver, British Columbia for $181
  • Caribbean: San Juan, Puerto Rico for $168     
  • Europe: Amsterdam, Netherlands for $265    
  • Latin America: Cancún, Mexico for $195  
  • Middle East: Tbilisi, Georgia for $589 
  • Oceania: Papeete, French Polynesia for $584
  • U.S.: Los Angeles, California for $29    

Tips for summer travel:

  • Book further in advance
  • Travel at the beginning or end of the season (early June or Late August for summer)
  • Adjust your price expectations
  • Focus on getting to the area of your choice rather than a specific location
  • Be flexible on where and when you go
  • Use the 24-hour rule (you can cancel a flight and receive a full refund within 24 hours of booking)
  • Earn and use points with your airline of choice