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Which 24V ride-on toys are best?

Ride-on toys have long been kid favorites because kids get to take the wheel just like their parents in the family car. When kids have a steering wheel just like in a big car, they have a sense of control. When that steering wheel is attached to a battery-powered car, kids also have a sense of power. If you are looking for an all-terrain quad racer with knobby tires for off-roading, take a look at the Razor Dirt Quad 24V 4 Wheel ATV.

What to know before you buy a 24V ride-on toy

Battery-operated ride-on cars for kids are extremely popular with children. Electric ride-on toys come in three versions: 6 volts, 12 volts and 24 volts. The greater the number of volts, the greater the power of the ride-on toy.


  • 6V batteries are the least powerful of the ride-on toys. 6V ride-on toys are the slowest and have the shortest ride times before needing to be recharged. Because they have so little power, 6V ride-on toys rarely go more than 2 or 3 miles per hour and so are best for small kids and for riding indoors.
  • 12V batteries have more power, longer ride times before recharging and have top speeds of 4 or 5 mph. Ride-on toys with 12V batteries are the most common and can handle mild slopes without excessive battery drain.
  • 24V batteries are the most efficient and most powerful of the electric ride-on cars. They have the most torque, the longest run times between charges and operate at the highest speeds. The additional power provided by a 24V battery allows these 24V ride-on toys to handle hills that lower-powered cars cannot.

Run time

This term refers to how long your battery-operated ride-on will run before the battery runs down and needs recharging. Run time is affected by the weight of the ride-on toy and rider and how the car is driven. Higher electric ride-on cars have features like lights, horns and engine sounds. Each of these drains battery power and cuts down on the effective operating time of your ride-on toy.

What to look for in a quality 24V ride-on toy


This is the most important factor to keep in mind when buying any ride-on toy. Look for 24V ride-on toys with a wraparound cockpit and safety belts. Brakes that are applied automatically when the driver’s foot is lifted from the accelerator automatically stop the car are an additional safety feature.

Weight limit

Every 24V ride-on toy is designed with a weight limit. Make sure the 24V ride-on toy you choose easily handles the weight of whoever will be operating it. 24V ride-ons will typically have the ability to handle more than 100 pounds.

Charging time

Look for 24V ride-on toys with shorter charging times so you get to spend more time riding and less time waiting for a charge.  


Smaller ride-on toys with less power sometimes come with plastic wheels. 24V ride-on toy cars have inflatable rubber tires. If your 24V will be going off paved surfaces, look for tires with knobby, cleated treads that provide greater grip on grass and dirt.

How much you can expect to spend on a 24V ride-on toy

Smaller 24V ride-on toys cost as little as $300. Larger ones start at $500 and go as high as $1,000.

24V ride-on toy FAQ

Do ride-on toys come with warranties?

A. This varies by manufacturer and product. Generally speaking, 24V ride-on toys have better warranties than 12V and 6V vehicles.

Are ride-on toys safe?

A. Most ride-on toys are as safe to ride as bicycles. And just like bicycles, it is always a good idea to wear a helmet.

What’s the best 24V ride-on toy to buy?

Top 24V ride-on toy

Razor Dirt Quad 24V 4 Wheel ATV

Razor Dirt Quad 24V 4 Wheel ATV

What you need to know: This all-terrain quad carries riders weighing up to 120 pounds at a top speed of 8 mph.

What you’ll love: The suspension with coil shock absorbers is built for stable and smooth performance on rugged terrain and the 12-inch knobby tires are air filled. The high-grade alloy steel in the chassis is highly durable and very strong. The brush bar in the front protects the chassis and steering mechanism when riding off road. This 75-pound, 24V ride-on toy delivers 40 minutes of continuous use before needing to be recharged. 

What you should consider: The operating range is 5 miles. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top 24V ride-on toy for the money

Radio Flyer 24V Ultimate Go-Kart

Radio Flyer 24V Ultimate Go-Kart

What you need to know: Kids love this low-slung red go-kart that was named the 2021 Outdoor Toy of the Year.

What you’ll love: The floor-mounted handle on this 24V ride-on toy shifts from a 2.5 mph first gear to a 5 mph second gear to an 8 mph top gear. The seat on this go-kart is built to adjust as your child grows. The weight limit is 81 pounds.

What you should consider: The ride time for this is only about 45 minutes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bravo Monster Jam Grave Digger 24V Battery Powered Ride On Car

Bravo Monster Jam Grave Digger 24V Battery Powered Ride On Car

What you need to know: This two-seater is an accurate replica of Monster Jam’s most popular monster truck, the legendary Grave Digger.

What you’ll love: Kids ride high in this monster truck with a heavy-duty, all-steel frame. The plastic body has all the Grave Digger details — green flames, monster skulls and the graveyard with the tombstones of all the monster trucks Grave Digger defeated in racing and freestyle competitions. This 24V ride-on toy’s weight capacity is 88 pounds, the top speed is 5 mph and the ride time is 40 minutes at top speed or up to 2 hours at lower speeds.

What you should consider: The 24 volts are provided by two 12V batteries connected in series.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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