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Which PetSmart fish tank is best?

From small betta aquariums to large, multi-gallon models capable of housing groups of animals, Petsmart provides a range of fish tanks to satisfy any fish lover. With so many options to choose from, selecting the best tank for your needs can be challenging. Petsmart’s options include kits with everything you need to get started or to supplement your current collection.

The Top Fin Essentials Aquarium Starter Kit is available in sizes from 5 gallons all the way to 55 gallons. It includes all the equipment you need to begin creating a healthy, vibrant fish habitat. Even seasoned hobbyists will find this kit to be a great value if they’re looking to start a new tank.

What to know before you buy a PetSmart fish tank


If you are just beginning your journey into aquarium keeping, it is recommended you start small. Not only are smaller tanks less expensive, but they require less cleaning and are easier to manage when it comes to water quality and temperature. While smaller tanks limit the species, size and number of fish you will be able to properly home, it’s important to keep things simple as you learn how to care for your pets and provide them with an ideal living environment.


The size and type of fish tank you purchase is largely determined by the kinds of fish you are interested in keeping. Saltwater fish require much more equipment and attention to detail than their freshwater cousins. Larger fish, naturally, require more room to move around and more water circulation than smaller species. Carefully research the fish you wish to keep to determine if you will be able to care for them adequately when it comes to your budget, time and available space.

Tank location

You can keep a small fish tank on a table or desk, while a larger model may sit on a cabinet that is an entire piece of furniture unto itself. Consider the space you have available and select a tank size and configuration that works within your area. Keep in mind that fish tanks require lights, heaters and filters that need to be plugged in at all times. Avoid areas near heaters, air conditioning vents and direct sunlight.

What to look for in a quality PetSmart fish tank

Aquarium kits

Aquarium kits that include lids, filters and heaters are available. These kits provide a great deal of value and convenience because they supply the basics one needs to get a tank started. More-experienced aquarium keepers may prefer to pick and choose which equipment they use to build their habitat based on their needs and experience. However, for those just starting out, buying an aquarium kit is an excellent way to quickly build a foundation for your habitat.


Glass fish tanks are heavier than acrylic models. They are readily available and come in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Glass resists scratching more than acrylic.

Acrylic fish tanks tend to be more expensive than glass tanks of the same size. They are much lighter, however, which makes them better suited for desktop or tabletop display. Additionally, acrylic tanks provide excellent visibility from all angles whereas glass tanks have visible seams on the corners where their panels are glued together.

Size and shape

Fish tanks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. From tall, hexagonal aquariums to traditional rectangular models, Petsmart has styles available to suit any aesthetic. Consider where you plan to keep your aquarium and select a shape that not only fits but also complements your living space.


Some aquariums include a stand or cabinet upon which to place them. These stands often feature storage space for food, accessories, cleaning supplies and more. For those who wish to purchase a larger tank, selecting a model that includes a stand can alleviate the challenge of trying to find a piece of furniture that is sized appropriately to hold and display your aquarium.

Accessories and decor

Gravel, decorations and plants sometimes are included with aquariums. While most fish keepers prefer to decorate their tanks to their own liking, those who are less particular can save money by purchasing a tank that comes with a few decorating accessories.

How much you can expect to spend on a PetSmart fish tank

Because Petsmart offers so many fish tank models, the prices vary from $20 betta tanks to large, acrylic tanks that cost more than $1,000. Generally, you can purchase small to medium tanks for $40-$150 depending on included accessories, material and size.

PetSmart fish tank FAQ

Does PetSmart carry tanks suited for advanced aquarium hobbyists?

A. Yes. Petsmart carries aquariums and equipment suited for advanced hobbyists and professionals. From beginner tanks to the latest in acrylic aquariums with built-in filtration systems, Petsmart has models to suit all experience levels.

Do all fish require heaters?

A. Most of the fish sold in pet stores are tropical, meaning they require a heater to stay healthy. While the ideal temperature varies by species, it is generally recommended you use an aquarium heater to keep your pets’ temperature consistently comfortable.

Can you keep fish in a bowl?

A. No. Bowls, while still commonly sold, are not suitable for keeping fish. Fish require oxygenated, circulating water that only constant filtration can supply. Many people are surprised to learn that some goldfish species can live for decades if provided with the proper environmental conditions, with their reputation for having short lives almost entirely due to being kept in small bowls or containers.

What’s the best PetSmart fish tank to buy?

Top PetSmart fish tank

Top Fin Essentials Aquarium Starter Kit

Top Fin Essentials Aquarium Starter Kit

What you need to know: Available in many sizes, this kit provides everything you need to start a new fish tank.

What you’ll love: This kit includes a filter, heater, lighting and a lid. It also includes a net, a thermometer and a water tester. It is available in sizes up to 55 gallons.

What you should consider: No decorations are included in this set.

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart

Top PetSmart fish tank for the money

Top Fin Enchant Aquarium - 3.5 Gallon

Top Fin Enchant Aquarium – 3.5 Gallon

What you need to know: This acrylic tank looks great on a desk and includes a filter and light.

What you’ll love: Small enough to fit almost anywhere but large enough to house small guppies or a single betta, this uniquely-shaped fish tank is great for beginners and kids. It includes an LED light and built-in filter. It has a lightweight, acrylic construction.

What you should consider: This tank’s LED light requires you to press a button a few times to cycle through its RGB color options and select white every time you turn it on. Otherwise, it will change colors throughout the day, causing stress to your pets.

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart

Worth checking out

SeaClear 40-Gallon Aquarium and Complete Starter Kit

SeaClear 40-Gallon Aquarium and Complete Starter Kit

What you need to know: If you’re in search of a modern, clear acrylic tank, this starter kit will start you off on the right foot.

What you’ll love: The large size accommodates many fish species. It includes a filter, net, decorations and lid. Acrylic construction provides unparalleled clarity.

What you should consider: No heater or bulb is included with this kit. The price is high compared to some glass alternatives.

Where to buy: Sold by Petsmart


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