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Which garment rack is best?

If you’ve ever wished for more space for your clothes but don’t have the money to build a new closet, consider a garment rack. They take up limited space, often have excess shelving for additional storage and most have wheels to make moving them between rooms a breeze.

The best garment rack is the Kemanner Heavy-Duty Rolling Garment Rack. It has two shelves and two bars for hangers plus some wheels for easy transportation. It’s also made of alloy steel for top durability.

What to know before you buy a garment rack

Garment rack types

There are four types of garment rack: single, double, shelved and commercial.

  • Single racks have one bar for hanging clothes. They’re perfect for hanging long clothes or increasing storage for the lowest price.
  • Double racks have two bars for hanging clothes. They’re perfect for organizing your clothes but cause bunching if long clothes are hung. They cost a little more than singles.
  • Shelved racks have one to three shelves as well as one to two bars. The best have fully adjustable bars and shelves. They are the most expensive residential rack. 
  • Commercial racks have as many storage options as possible with high-quality constructions built to maximize durability and weight limits. They’re often too high of a cost with more storage than necessary for noncommercial uses.


Some garment racks include covers specifically designed for that rack. The basic design is one that zips open and closed for easy access. Some are clear, others opaque.


Many garment racks have wheels instead of feet. These let you move the rack as needed but certain floors may not be suited for them. For example, shag carpeting will get sucked into the wheels if rolled.

What to look for in a quality garment rack


Most garment racks are made of metal, though some are made of natural materials.

  • Metal racks are typically made of aluminum or steel. They’re durable and easy to clean and keep maintained.
  • Natural racks typically use wood or bamboo. They provide a more rustic touch while maintaining reasonable levels of durability.


The best garment racks have adjustable heights and widths, for both bars and shelving. Low-cost racks with adjustability have limited options, usually in the form of pegs at set heights. The best options are fully adjustable along the entire height, though you’ll need to carefully balance height with the length of your clothes to prevent bunching. The top bar sometimes has adjustable width to hang more clothes, though you’ll need to hang them equally on either side to prevent tipping.

How much you can expect to spend on a garment rack

Low-cost garment racks usually cost less than $50, but they have limited storage. From $50-$100 you can find heftier racks with more storage. The best racks cost more than $100 but are usually reserved for commercial settings.

Garment rack FAQ

Should I cover my garment rack?

A. Not necessarily. The main reasons for covering a garment rack are to protect clothes from dust when stationary and protect clothes from, well, everything when transporting it. Some garment racks include covers. It’s simple to buy one after the fact should you decide you want one later.

How do I fix a rickety garment rack?

A. Garment racks are constructed of multiple pieces that can and will loosen over time, especially the legs and bars. If you notice your rack isn’t as stable or flat on the floor as it used to be, remove your clothes and other items and give every piece a stiff tightening. 

Do I need wheels?

A. That depends. A garment rack with wheels is only necessary if you intend or think you might need to move it. If you need to move it, wheels are a lifesaver — otherwise, you’d have to fold your clothes and disassemble and reassemble the rack every time. If you don’t need to move it, your flooring type determines if you should have wheels or not. Smooth floors, such as vinyl or hardwood, can see the rack slide unexpectedly if the wheels don’t have locks. Other floors, such as shag carpet, may be damaged by wheels.

What are the best garment racks to buy?

Top garment rack

Kemanner Heavy-Duty Rolling Garment Rack

Kemanner Heavy-Duty Rolling Garment Rack

What you need to know: This has a huge variety of storage options.

What you’ll love: The storage options included are: two clothes racks, three adjustable height shelves and two sets of accessory hooks. It’s made of alloy steel for durability. It has wheels. It comes in gray or black. It has a maximum weight limit of nearly 400 pounds.

What you should consider: It’s among the priciest options. Its weight limit decreases to 300 pounds when in motion. Some consumers felt it was a little flimsy, while others thought it was too tall.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top garment rack for the money

Honey-Can-Do Adjustable Expandable Garment Rack

Honey-Can-Do Adjustable Expandable Garment Rack

What you need to know: This budget pick is perfect for those with minimal storage needs.

What you’ll love: It has an adjustable height of 34-53 inches. It has an adjustable width of 38-65 inches. Bars at the bottom increase stability and serve as a shelf. The wheels can lock into place. Expert assembly is offered for an extra fee.

What you should consider: The weight limit is only 30 pounds. Some consumers had issues with the rack pieces disconnecting, both when still and in motion.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Simple Trending Double Rod Garment Rack

Simple Trending Double Rod Garment Rack

What you need to know: This is another great budget pick with a little more storage.

What you’ll love: An assembly manual and wrenches are included. The wheels have full 360-degree motion. The middle rod has an adjustable height of 30-37 inches. The top rod has an adjustable width of 30.5-47.5 inches. It comes in five colors and offers expert assembly for a fee.

What you should consider: There are no shelves. The wheels don’t lock. Some consumers felt it isn’t sturdy enough. It has a low weight limit. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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