Samsung smartwatch deals you won’t want to miss

Have you had your heart set on a new Galaxy Watch 4 but have been waiting for prices to drop? If so, Amazon’s current discounted prices on the latest models are sure to tempt you. 

Smartwatches from Samsung’s Galaxy series are popular among Android users who want intuitive fitness and health monitoring that pairs with Android-powered phones. Although the previous model — the Galaxy Watch 3 — is still available, the two models in the 4 series offer exciting updates. That makes today’s sale prices too good to miss for tech lovers who are eager to experience all that the newest additions to the Android watch family have to offer.

Why should you upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

WearOS operating system

Enthusiasts of fitness and health tracking wearables have long awaited the Watch 4 series updated Wear OS operating system that easily pairs with Android 6.0 and newer phones. The technology works with Google Assistant and Google Pay and offers a wide range of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and optional LTE. 

Galaxy Watch 4 series health sensor

In addition to tracking numerous fitness metrics, the Watch 4 series boasts a 3-in-1 health sensor that assesses bioelectrical impedance allowance and optical and electrical heart rate. In other words, it offers impressive heart-health monitoring that includes blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, heartbeat and irregular heartbeat detection. 

Although Watch 4 series watches can also take ECG readings, it’s always important to consult your health care provider with any health concerns. Fortunately, you can share your readings with your physician via the Samsung Health Monitor App. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

When you are ready to buy a Samsung smartwatch from Galaxy’s 4 series, you’ll have two models to choose from — the Watch 4 Classic and Watch 4. Each model has a few similarities and differences to consider before you buy. 


  • Operating system: Both models are powered by the Wear OS.
  • Battery life: The Watch 4 Classic and Watch 4 get up to 40 hours of battery life per charge.
  • Processor: Each model offers the fast Exynos W920 processor.
  • Compatibility: Android phone compatibility of 6.0 or higher is required by both models. 
  • Connectivity: Both offer LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity as well as GPS. 
  • Memory: Each watch has an ample 16GB of memory.


  • Weight: The Watch 4 Classic is heavier and larger than the Watch 4.
  • Size: The Watch 4 Classic comes in size choices of 42 or 46 millimeters; the Watch 4 comes in 40 or 44 millimeters.
  • Design: The Watch 4 has a sportier design than the Classic and comes in a choice of five colors compared to the Classic’s choice of silver or black.
  • Bezel: Only the Watch 4 Classic has a rotating bezel.
  • Prize: The Classic model is somewhat pricier than its Watch 4 cousin. 

Best Samsung Galaxy watches to buy

Top Samsung Galaxy smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

Although powered by the same responsive Android OS as the Watch 4, the Watch 4 Classic stands out for sporting a dressier design that resembles a traditional watch. It also features a rotating bezel for precise time measurements. When it comes to features, it offers the same health monitoring sensor and fitness tracking capabilities as the Watch 4. It’s currently available for 20% off the original price.

Sold by Amazon

Top Samsung Galaxy smartwatch for the money

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Not only does the standard Galaxy Watch 4 have a sleek, sporty design, but it’s also slightly more affordable than the Classic option. Long battery life, excellent health and fitness tracking, a choice of several colors and the intriguing Wear OS software package are its top features. It’s the best choice for anyone who wants a Galaxy wearable that’s designed for active lifestyles. It’s currently on sale for 16% off the original price. 

Sold by Amazon

Still relevant but less expensive

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

While it’s true that the Watch 4 series outpaces its predecessor with an updated OS, a more advanced health sensor and better fitness tracking, the Watch 3 is still a worthy contender. It’s powered by the reputable Tizen OS and offers reliable connectivity options. Its sporty design is available in a choice of fun colors and in 41- and 45-millimeter size options. Although you may not find it on sale, it’s available at a price that is competitive with the Watch 4 series discounted prices. 

Sold by Amazon


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