Kids Under Construction: Signs your child is suffering

Kids Under Construction

(ABC4) –  Last week, Kids Under Construction discussed the effect of difficult news on younger children. Today, we further explain how that also includes older children and teens.

On January 29, Donna Tetreault joins ABC4 to inform fellow parents the signs of suffering in youth.

“We really need to look and find out whether or not they are in their joy…Are they filled with their passions? Or are they retreating from that?” Donna questions. “If they aren’t happy in their normal, everyday life, then there is something going on.”

The podcast host goes on to explain the challenges children of today face when it comes to living in a unique era.

“We have to remember they are living in a pandemic and they have been unable to be in their passions or really feel their joy because they can’t see their friends in person and they can’t be in school,” she reminds.

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