Kids Under Construction: Returning back to in-person learning

Kids Under Construction

(ABC4) – This week, Donna Tetreault joins ABC4 to share insight on how to better prepare your children when returning back to school.

On March 8, most Utah schools are welcoming a final wave of students back to in person learning, and Donna shares how parents can help their children feel comfortable with it all.

“We need to coach them through this. This is a new transition.We need to find them ways to get them up to speed with teachers and friends,” Tetreault shares.

According to Donna, children today, are experiencing an ‘old’ but ‘new’ environment. Tetreault says this time of transition is crucial because this is where children are gaining back confidence, and connecting back with their friends and peers.

“First thing to tell our children is to ask questions,” she adds. “Curiosity sparks conversation.”

Tetreault goes on to say that when children engage in conversations they discover more about themselves which helps their back to in person learning experience.

Another tip Donna shares is to teach your children about active listening.

“That means eye contact, body facing towards their friend or teachers,” she includes. “Practice this with your kids!”

Tetreault then goes on to say that, life is all about evolving and growth.

“If we’re going to try to teach our kids these skills then we need to model this kind of warmth and respect also.”

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