Kids Under Construction – Kids Lie, So What Can Parents Do About It?

Kids Under Construction

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4) – Lying – it’s a natural part of life and kids do it all the time. But how should parents tackle this issue when it pops up?

This week on Kids Under Construction, parenting expert and journalist Donna Tetreault joins ABC4’s Emily Clark to discuss the ways parents can tackle the issues of lying when it comes to children.

Before feeling overwhelmed, Tetreault reminds parents that it’s natural for children to lie.

Whether it’s testing behavior, feeling a lack of confidence, or perhaps trying to avoid consequences, children will experiment with lying at some point in life.

How should parents address this issue?

Tetreault says approaching it with calm and trust ensures your child doesn’t feel backed into a corner and is more willing to cooperate.

Encourage truth-telling by saying things such as, “I really trust you. I really think you can tell me what happened. Tell me the truth first – I want to hear what you have to say,’’ instead of accusing them or putting them on blast, says Tetreault.

When guiding our children on the path to honesty, it’s important to set an example first as a parent.

“We are the teachers of our children,” says Tetreault. “So if we lie, they will see that they can lie. If we model honesty to the best of our ability, that’s what our kids are going to benefit from,” says Tetreault.

To learn more tips about tackling honesty with your children, watch the full conversation with Tetreault in the video above.

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