SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As the holiday season is here, making the most of the festivities in a safe, memorable way might be easier than you think.

Parenting writer and editor, Bethany Braun-Silva offers easy ways to get into the holiday spirit while staying safe at home this year.

Fun, meaningful ways to let your children join in on the holiday spirit can include writing letters and planning virtual visits with Santa Claus, creating a holiday music playlist for dancing, making holiday-themed costumes for fun photos, or playing games with loved ones.

Braun-Silva says older children can be encouraged to collect items for charity. Homemade advent calendars celebrating virtues instead of toys or sweets create a meaningful prompt for older kids to reflect on themselves and the past year.

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Kids Under Construction – Helping Kids Through Times of Uncertainty

With the pandemic bringing major changes into everyone’s lives, a new book, Land of the Pines, focuses on positivity and helping children tackle the idea of uncertainty in their lives.

The author Summer Nilsson was inspired by her own nieces and nephew.

“I wanted to create a storyline that would really engage them in content and address some of the complex topics that are out there right now,” says  Nilsson.

Critical areas the novel focuses on include loneliness, lack of confidence and social media.

“Social media is constant and it fuels a chatter that really drives insecurity,” says Nilsson. “It pushes kids to really question whether they can trust their own gut and believe in the power of their voice.”

It’s important to remind children to love and trust their innate selves, along with spreading kindness to others.

“I feel like we have an obligation to provide examples of and stories that can engage kids on a level that can plant the seeds of dialogue about just how important this is,” says Nilsson, “to believe in themselves and to believe in their voice.”

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Kids Under Construction – Find Your Unicorn Space

New York Times best-selling author Eve Rodsky has a new book out Find Your Unicorn Space. The book teaches you to tap into your creativity while living the life of a busy parent. 

Creativity and mental health are intrinsically linked, according to Rodsky. “There are two types of people in this world — those that know they are burned out and those who are burned out, but don’t know it.” 

Find Your Unicorn Space explains how creativity can be the antidote to mental well-being and longevity. Your talents, interests and gifts make you uniquely you, and should be embraced. “Time is our most valuable currency and we’re literally taught from birth to give it away to others, whether it’s to our bosses, family or friends,” explains Rodsky. “But how glorious would it be if we retain some of that currency for ourselves?”

Rodsky’s Three C’s — Curiosity, Connection with others, and Completion, give readers a way to harness their potential. A step by step guide ensures you can be that creative person you desire to be.

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Kids Under Construction – The Castle Method

Parenting expert, educator and journalist Donna Tetreault talks about her new book, The CASTLE Method, out May 10th.

After many years of reporting and research, the book is a culmination of what Tetreault believes are the building blocks for creating the healthiest family foundation for your unique family. 

CASTLE is an acronym used as a metaphor. Tetreault says compassion, acceptance, security, trust, love and expectations plus education are the pillars that are crucial to the successful development of children and family. She believes you can create the castle of your dreams.

Tetreault hopes this evidence based book can help guide families to working on and embracing their best selves both as individuals (parents and kids) and as a family unit.

You can pre-order The CASTLE Method now on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

Tetreault and ABC4’s Emily Clark also take a look back on the highlights of the lessons learned this year on Kids Under Construction.

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