SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Halloween is just around the corner! If you’re still searching for Halloween ideas, we’ve got some perfect last-minute party ideas for your family.

ABC4’s Emily Clark and parenting journalist and expert Donna Tetreault speak with Bethany Braun-Silva, a lifestyle and parenting expert, about how parents can celebrate a stress-free Halloween with their children this year.

The easiest first step? A “no-carve” pumpkin activity!

“If you don’t like the mess or the gook of scooping out all the pumpkins or the pumpkin seeds, you can get really creative with markers, glitter, googly eyes cut-outs — you name it,” says Braun-Silva. ‘It’s really the way to go for some last-minute fun.”

What if your child still hasn’t chosen a costume?

Braun-Silva recommends getting creative and grabbing whatever’s in your closet to create the look in a pinch. It’s a simple, cost-effective way to be creative and create a look perfect for trick-or-treating.

What about throwing a last-minute party for your children? Braun-Silva suggests throwing a onesie/pajama party.

“Onesies have been really popular over the years and even if you don’t have one, you could run to Target or Walmart and grab one for a really affordable price,” says Braun-Silva.

It’s a cuddly two-for-one theme, bringing both costumes and pajamas to the party. Put on family-friendly Halloween movies, make popcorn and it’s a fun yet low-maintenance party.

Using technology is a fun, easy way to set the mood for Halloween. Ask Alexa or any virtual assistant device to activate Halloween modes or play Halloween-themed music to set the perfect ambiance for your activities.

Even though the CDC says it’s safe to go trick-or-treating, Braun-Silva still recommends practicing social distancing and sanitizing your children’s hands while out and about.

To check out the full conversation, watch the video above.