Kids Under Construction: Building resilience during coronavirus

Kids Under Construction

(ABC4) – This week Donna focuses on the importance of resilience and how it can play a crucial factor in a child’s mental growth.

“What you want to do is incorporate resilience talk into everyday life,” she shares.

Donna goes on to inform that building resilience is important and it needs to be incorporated into everyday parenting.

“This is a really important skill, this is a skill parents need, and what children need. This is a skill we can start early on in life,” Donna emphasizes.”It’s just as important as math, reading, or language arts.”

Now that we’ve settled into our stay in place orders due to COVID-19 or Coronavirus, how can we turn the boredom, social disconnection and anxiety our kids are experiencing into something from which they can emerge stronger and more resilient?

Did you know self-compassion is one of the many ways to achieve a greater sense of resilience?

It’s time for parents, kids and families to take the current situation we’re in and upend it! Let’s build resilience in our kids, in ourselves as parents and within the whole family! 

I’m so happy to be joined today by two amazing guests at the top of their field, who are also moms; First, my friend and colleague, Lisa Sugarman, an author, radio talkshow host and columnist of the nationally syndicated opinion column, “It Is What It Is” and the the author of, “How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids And Be Okay With It: Real Tips And Strategies For Parents Of Today’s Gen Z Kids”.

Lisa defines resilience as being able to get up after falling down regardless of what’s going on around you and says whether it’s helicopter parenting, bulldozer parenting or lawnmower parenting, they all create a deterrent to building resilience in our kids. But there is so much parents can do to build a resilient being. 

Life is not a straight line and we are not perfect and that should be the overarching message parents should be sending to their children. Whether they didn’t ace the test, didn’t make the team or are having a bad week in school, it’s the attitude they adopt as they navigate through these difficult situations that is important. And when they master that, the sky’s the limit!

Then, Leilani Sinclair, an associate marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles, and in her practice she sees teens, couples and families to help navigate divorce, family conflict and custody disputes. Leilani says that in order for a child to develop the skills they need to grow into adulthood, they need to have a stable adult in their lives to establish trust through consistency.

When there’s a lack of trust, a child isn’t wiring their brain for connection, they’re wiring it for protection. We can’t build resilience in our kids if they don’t connect with us, trust us and have a stable environment at the core of their development.

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