Kids Under Construction: Anxiety with Doctor Nicole Tetreault

Kids Under Construction

(ABC4) – Parenting expert Donna Tetreault joins ABC4 to talk about anxiety, Friday.

On May 14, Donna Tetreault is accompanied by Neuroscientist and sister Nicole Tetreault to explain how anxiety works in the brain.

According to the duo, when a person is dealing with anxiety they typically go into four modes and are “hijacked into an emotional brain”.

“They can go either fight, flight, freeze, or flop. Anxiety has really debilitating effects,” Dr. Nicole Tetreault tells ABC4.

The sisters say that when an individual is experiencing anxiety they can either be the kind of person to either push through it, avoid it, completely freeze or give up entirely.

According to the duo, there are signs to watch for as parents to determine if your child is going through anxiety.

Here are three common signs of anxiety:

  • Changes in behavior
    • Ask yourself does the person in question appear agitated? Are they acting “frozen”?
  • Changes in bodily functions
    • Are they dealing with stomach aches, headaches or acting lethargic?
  • Changes in sleep patterns
    • Has your child or the person you care about demonstrated an irregular sleeping schedule? Are they sleeping too much or too little?

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