SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Parent-child relationships can oftentimes be challenging, with many feelings and thoughts going unsaid.

Parenting expert and journalist Donna Tetreault speaks with Disney producer Adam Borba about his new book, “The Midnight Brigade” which explores the theme of connection and belonging.

The book is about three kids from Pittsburgh that are outsiders. One kid is an introvert, the other is a dreamer and connects with older kids, the other kid is a loner.

The three kids come together and learn how to become better friends but also discover a giant troll named frank living under a bridge along the way.

“Each kid is struggling with their own parents, and everybody makes mistakes, moms and dads. So the lead of the book is a boy named Carl and his dad for years has worked as an engineer building and repairing bridges. Out of the blue, he makes the questionable decision to quit his job and to open up a food truck and it’s a job he’s wildly unqualified for.”

Carl sees all this and he’s scared to speak up to his father and say what he really thinks and feels to help out his dad.

Each child in the book is presented with personal challenges that require them to express their feelings and trust their parent’s instincts.

“A lot of young readers are possibly introverts where there is a constant running monologue going on in their head where they’re not saying what they’re seeing,” Borba says.

“It’s okay to say things that may rub someone the wrong way, it’s okay to say something to say that you disagree with your mom, dad, or your teacher, as long as your being respectful,” Borba says.

Tetreault agrees and explains that it’s important for kids to have the power to say no to adults.

When asked about his inspiration for the book, Borba credits his trips to Pittsburgh visiting his wife where the 456 bridges in the city sparked the idea.

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