On this episode of the Fan Made podcast: creating the comic book characters that people will have to cosplay. After this, you will never look at a comic book panel the same way again.

Author and artist Phillip Sevy (Tomb Raider, The Freeze) gave us an inside look at the process of creating a character from the perspective of their creator.

It’s fascinating and complicated and sometimes fraught, with so much to consider outside of who the character is, including what they should look like.

To illustrate just how lengthy and intense the process can be, Sevy revealed some of the steps it took to get to the final versions of the characters in his new series TRIAGE (out September 4, 2019 on Dark Horse Comics), a limited-issue series Sevy writes, pencils, inks, and colors himself.

But, boy, does it pay off. The design of flashy action hero Orbit is striking and memorable, and, yes, I want need her jacket.

Here are just some of the versions for the character:

TRIAGE trading cards!

On the episode, we also explore the relationship between artist, character design, and cosplay and how they influence one another.

You can see more of Orbit, Evie and Marco in issue no. 1 of TRIAGE, on sale September 4 from Dark Horse.

You can find more of Phillip Sevy on Twitter @phillipsevy, Instagram @phillipsevycomicart and at phillipsevy.com

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