Zion’s Angels Landing reopens following storm damage

Narrow portions of Angels Landing Trail require chains to traverse.

Narrow portions of Angels Landing Trail require chains to traverse.

SPRINGDALE, Utah (News4Utah) – The route to Angels Landing will reopen after closure for more than two months due to storm damage.

The West Rim Trail, including the route to Angels Landing, will reopen at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 22. 

The popular trail has been closed since an intense thunderstorm in July which caused flooding, mudslides, and rockfalls.

The heavy rainfall caused major damage in the area of Refrigerator Canyon on the West Rim Trail, which visitors pass to and from on their way to Angels Landing. A section of retaining wall failed, as did several protective check dams that were built over 100 years ago to protect the trail.

The flash flood opened an 18-foot gap in the trail that was over five feet deep.

To re-open the passage to Scouts Lookout, Zion’s trail crew stabilized both ends of the trail and built a new custom bridge to span a 30-foot section where the trail and the retaining wall had been damaged or washed away.

The crew also built four new check dams to protect the trail from future storms.

“We appreciate the public’s patience as we’ve worked to recover from substantial storm damage, and I applaud the efforts of the park’s trail crew who worked tirelessly to re-build the trail structures through Refrigerator Canyon” said Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh.

Shuttles will resume dropping and picking up passengers at the Grotto Shuttle Stop.

The Kayenta Trail, Upper Emerald Pools Trail, the terminus of Lower Emerald Pools Trail, and Hidden Canyon remain closed.

Park staff and engineers continue to identify strategies to repair or re-route the trails safely. Closures are being enforced due to unstable and unreliable trail integrity.

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