Zion park officials expect another record weekend


ZION NATIONAL PARK (News4Utah) – Zion National Park officials expect another record weekend over the Memorial Day holiday. 

State Route 9 construction is finished,  a major accomplishment as Memorial Day continues to be Zion National Park’s busiest day and weekend.

This holiday, visitors should note the new parking fees: $20 dollars a day in the City of Springdale. 

“Once park parking fills the town of Springdale is your best bet to safely find somewhere to park your car,” said Eleanor Siebers, Parks Volunteer Coordinator. 

The last two Memorial Days, Zion saw record crowds.  

“Last year we had more than 70,000 people in that three-day span and it was a lot. … We are now the third most visited park in the National Park Services System, so we’ve surpassed this year, Yosemite and Yellowstone,” said Siebers. 

Despite newly paved roads in Springdale, this Memorial Day holiday park officials say they’re facing other issues.

“In terms of park rangers and maintenance staff we are lower than we used to be. We had a few hiring rules that came through that really have hurt us and so we’re trying to best we can,” said Siebers. 

“We have brought in a bunch of people that normally have the weekend off and are offering them overtime to help us find parking and load shuttles and we got extra volunteers on the trails just out there as bodies and presence to help people safely enjoy their national Park,” said Siebers. 

Officials say last week 30 cars were towed that were parked illegally in Springdale, likely in an attempt avoid the new $20 a day parking fee. Parking enforcement is being taken seriously.

With those hiring issues, Zion is looking for anyone willing to volunteer, long term or even just a few hours a week, head to Zion National Park’s website.

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