YouTubers launch campaign to remove trash from the world’s oceans


(ABC4)- A pair of YouTubers are getting together with the aim to rid the Earth’s oceans of trash. 

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, and Mark Rober launched a new project called #TeamSeas. The aim of the project is to remove 30 million pounds of trash from the ocean by Jan. 1 2022.

The project labels itself as the “biggest, baddest, most-impactful cleanup projects of all time” and will concentrate in three areas: oceans, beaches, and rivers.

For oceans, the Ocean Conservancy’s Global Ghost Gear Initiative will identify ghost gear graveyards throughout the planet. The Ocean Conservancy defines “ghost gear” as abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear found in the oceans. Such gear includes fishing nets, long lines, fish traps, lobster pots or any other man-made contraption to catch sea-dwelling animals.

Trained experts will then float the ghost gear to the surface where it will be hooked onto cranes and lifted out of the oceans. If possible, TeamSeas will work to see if any of what they find can be recycled or if any gear that is still usable can be returned to their rightful owners or to local fishers. Anything that isn’t recyclable or that can’t be returned will be disposed of in a proper manner, according to the website.

Clean up efforts for beaches will focus on removing plastic and other forms of trash. Project organizers will also send “professional crews to clean up some of the most iconic, vulnerable ocean spaces.”

The Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup will see where cleaning efforts will “have the greatest impact.” Volunteer partners will then remove the trash found in beaches and then weigh it out at the end of each cleanup. Once again, recycling efforts will be in place to make sure everything that was collected can be properly disposed of it its not recyclable.

The last area of concentration for cleanup will be rivers. According to the project website, research shows that 1% of plastic found in rivers make up 80% of the pollution that flows from rivers. 

Project organizers say a new technology called Interceptor, which is solar powered, has so far removed “over 2 million pounds to date.” Organizers will then partner with local agencies to find the best way to tackle the removal of trash from rivers. The same procedures for recycling and disposal will be implemented.

The #TeamSeas twitter page says it just hit its first million pounds of trash collected. 

Rober and Donaldson teamed together in 2019 for #TeamTrees, an effort that planted over 20 million trees worldwide. The project’s twitter page says it is still going. 

To learn more about #TeamSeas, click here.

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