NEPHI, Utah (ABC4 News) – Juab County is home to more than 12,000 Utahns and some locals hope for growth and change in the coming years.

Dropping his ballot at a drop box, lifetime resident Glenn Allred said he would like Juab County to keep its hometown feel.

“It’s been a really great hometown experience,” he said. “I just love the people and I like the hometown feel. Not too much chaos going on around us.”

 But he is open to some growth.

“Economic growth, being able to increase our wages – which we have seen very much in the last few years – and just to be able to develop more and see the growth in our communities,” he said.

A University of Utah study projects the county will double in size in the next 45 years. And Nephi Mayor Glade Nielson said the community grows in waves.

“We’re in a growth spurt right now,” he said. “People are discovering what a quality of life there is here and it’s great. We’re doing the best we can to prepare for more growth.”

In the city and county, he said he would like to see an overall change to government.

“It’s politically that time,” Nielson said. “[I] would love more the ability to just have local control. We care about all our people, we feel like there are unique situations here that we understand, and we can deal with, and we would like the ability to do that without blanket mandates.”

In a county with more than 3,000 miles of coverage, Brayden Dickinson and Chelsie Wilkey said the Juab County EMS Department team responds to people’s emergency calls.

For them, they would like to see their hospital’s level of care to be upgraded.

“Maybe improve in level so we can stop taking patients all the way up north so we can have a little bit more of higher medical down here in Juab County,” Dickinson said.

And for their paging system to work more efficiently.

“I think we’re just trying to get what works down here for how rural we are and taking a city-based dispatching and using it for a whole county,” Wilkey said.

“We’d rather see our patients have us as fast as possible – especially when patients are all the way across the border,” Dickinson said.

Both Dickinson and Wilkey said local officials and community members alike want for them to succeed.

In Juab County, the state reports the economy thrives on manufacturing, mining and recreation.

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