Women disappointed in Coach Urban Meyer


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) –  Coach Urban Meyer is losing fans in Utah following yesterday’s apology.

Meyer, who coached the University of Utah before leaving to Florida and finally landing at Ohio State was suspended for three days by the board of trustees at OSU.

The former University of Utah football coach was punished for failing to report and lying about a domestic violence incident involving his assistant coach who has since been fired.

“I want to apologize to the Buckeye nation,” said Meyer.  

And when a reporter asked him about what message he has for the victim,  Meyer responded this way.

“Well, I have a message for everyone involved in this,” Meyer said.  “I’m sorry that we’re in this situation.  I’m just sorry we’re in this situation.”

At the YWCA’s women’s policy conference, Meyer wasn’t their main line of discussion but those who did said his apology and discussion didn’t go far enough.

“To recognize your fans and the men in your locker room  and forget the woman who was victimized in this incident is just glaring,” said Stacy Stanford.  “And (it’s) reflective of a wider culture of dismissing violence against women.

Stanford was a big fan of his during Meyers’ run with the Utes.  But after this episode, she is seeing him in a different light.

“It was disappointing as a football fan,” she said.  “Somebody who watched Urban go from Utah to Ohio, (it’s) disappointing to watch.”

In a time when Utah women are losing economic stature and suicide rates are on the rise, policy experts said the coach and Ohio State are sending the wrong message to women.

“(It tells women) that they’re not important and they will not be protected and that they should not be protected and they should not expect for their abuser or whatever, to be held accountable,” said Chandra Childers with the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

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