ST. GEORGE (News4Utah) – Two women are behind bars in southern Utah accused of stealing baby formula from multiple stores.

Police say Adrian Wilson and Ashanae Brown from California stole the infant formula from St. George, Hurricane, and Washington City Walmart stores.

A Walmart employee called police.

“Baby formula is expensive, as all us mothers and fathers know, it goes between what I understand between 30 cents and 80 cents on the dollar on the black market,” said Sgt. Heidi Palmer with St. George Police Department. 

Charging documents state Wilson told police she had a 2-month old she was trying to feed, but St. George police say theft of baby formula is not new.

“It’s the retail theft black market basically. Sold at Flea markets, Craigslist, eBay,” said Palmer.

St. George police warn the public about buying baby formula from anywhere other than a retail store.

“It’s been known that these theft rings have changed expiration dates. You have no if you’re feeding your child a two-year outdated formula that could create some serious health issues… or if they put them all in a warehouse and that warehouse is extremely hot, as well as: Is it rodent infested? And are they getting inside the formula?,” said Palmer.

The total cost of all of the formula found in the car totaled almost $600. Brown and Wilson are charged with 3rd degree theft felonies, and Wilson is charged with possession of marijuana and cocaine.