ST GEORGE, Utah (ABC4 News) – A St. George woman was arrested for multiple fraud, theft and forgery counts for allegedly depositing fraudulent checks into her account from a business she worked with.

Police responded to Integrated Senior Care (ISC) at 616 South River Road; Ste 200 in St George on a report of felony theft by one of their employees who was later identified as Hayven Willden, 20, according to court documents.

Court documents state the ISC CFO pressed charges against Willden for felony theft and police got a hold of Willden by phone on January 8 to set up a meeting about the case at her home.

Officers later found that Willden was avoiding them and hiding out at her sister’s home.

Officers found Willden at her sister’s house in St George and she agreed to speak to police without an attorney, according to court documents.

Court documents state that Willden admitted to stealing checks worth $2,288.88 from ISC and depositing it in her bank account at the bank she also admitted that she wrote “pay to the order of Hayven Willden” on the back of this check.

Willden reportedly told officers she had used the ATM to deposit this check that is when ISC called her the next day to confront her about the transaction after speaking to the bank and discovered the fraud/theft that she had committed.

Willden admitted to gave ISC the runaround by telling them she would pay them back, use her sister to pay them, but ultimately, she didn’t have the money in her account to pay them back because she had already used it all up on bills, clothes, and other purchases, court documents stated.

Officials found that Willden was the receptionist for the business and her job was to open the mail, record the mail and/or checks received for the business, and handle looking up patients’ information on the computer to see if they are covered for medical care.

Willden worked at ISC from April 2019 until she was terminated in December 2019 and court documents admitted to stealing between 30-40 amounting to about $3-4,000.00.

According to court documents Willden said she took pictures of the front and back of the checks, then used the mobile deposit option to deposit the checks.

Willden denied stealing anyone’s information from the business and/or patients but admitted to forging these names and ISC on all these checks before completing their mobile deposits.

In total court documents state, there were 29 checks were stolen and 23 forgeries were committed by Willden.

Willden was later booked on second-degree theft and ten counts of forgery.