MURRAY, Utah (ABC4) – A woman has been arrested after allegedly attempting to run a woman off the road due to personal grievances on Saturday.

Murray Police have identified the suspect as 26-year-old Aspasia L. Crouse.

Police say the incident happened near 5300 S. Vine Street when officers witnessed Crouse illegally passing a vehicle in oncoming traffic and while trying to run it off the road. Police say Crouse drove her car in front of the victim while slamming her brakes, causing her tires to smoke and screech.

Police saw Crouse continue driving recklessly, making two illegal U-turns while cutting off other vehicles. When police finally apprehended the suspect, she admitted her actions were motivated by a personal vendetta involving the other driver.

Crouse admitted she knew the other driver and decided to take action once she recognized her car on the road. When asked the reasons behind her actions, the suspect said, “I did it because I hate her.”

After the suspect’s arrest, authorities discovered she had prior police report cases involving property damage with the other driver as the victim.

Crouse has been arrested on three counts including stalking, reckless driving, and reckless endangerment. She is currently booked at the Salt Lake County Jail.