WASHINGTON, Utah (ABC4) – Washington City along with local biking organizations and other city leaders are placing two ghost bikes at the location of the incident where two California brothers were struck and killed by an impaired driver.

On April 9, during a bike race, two brothers from California, 48-year-old Matthew Bullard and 49-year-old Adam Bullard, were riding along Telegraph Street in Washington City when they were hit by an impaired driver and killed.

“It’s just one of those things that we’re trying to wrap our heads around as a community, these brothers, their sons were right behind them and witnessed the entire event,” says Washington City Mayor Kress Staheli.

April and Shannon Bullard say in a statement to ABC4:

“Our husbands, Adam and Matthew Bullard were wonderful men, and we feel so honored that the city of St. George and Washington City, along with many other great organizations are memorializing them by erecting two ghost bikes in their honor.”

“We have to bring awareness to something like this and to honor the fallen,” says Staheli.

Mayor Staheli says they’re placing two ghost bikes at the scene of the incident as a temporary memorial, after partnering with local cyclist organizations and other city leaders.

“We are sad that we will not be in attendance, but we will be forever grateful for this kind gesture. We would like to express our eternal gratitude to those who stopped to assist our husbands and comfort our sons at the accident scene. This was a terribly scary thing for our sons to experience but it brings us great comfort knowing they were cared for by kind people,” says April Bullard.

Staheli says plans are in place to add a permanent memorial at a later date to continue honoring the Bullard brothers and also bring awareness of responsibility when behind the wheel.

“Our mission now, here on earth, will be spent advocating for safer roads so those who enjoy the outdoors, and the sport of cycling, whether riding in an organized ride or for leisure can do so safely. We hope for justice and severe consequences for the person who used her vehicle as a weapon to take Adam and Matt away from us,” say the Bullard wives in their statement.

City leaders are hosting an event tomorrow at 1:30 at the scene of the incident, to remember the brother and spread awareness of responsible driving. For more information click here.