UTAH (ABC4) – We are slowly returning to the movie theaters these days. For many of us— a drive past the fancy marquees was as close as we got to the downtown or neighborhood screens. Those old marquees have always fascinated our Craig Wirth. There have been different stars with their names in lights over the years… but many of the marquees go back nearly a hundred years.

On February 28, Wirth takes us back in time and shares the historical journey of old theater marquees.

Former YESCO President, Tomas Young Jr. recalls watching his father put up marquees up and down Utah streets; like the shows, they were no longer silent about advertising.

According to Young Jr., the signs were what brought people into the theaters, they were the main attraction in bringing people in.

“And my goodness, you couldn’t miss the signs, they certainly did tempt you to spend your quarter,” recalls Wirth.

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