SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – As they say, to understand the living present, and the promise of the future, it is necessary to remember the past.

On January 24, our very own Craig Wirth shares the historic tale of an old statue that sits in front of Salt Lake City’s cathedral a few feet off of state street.

“It’s a statue of two children looking to the future…It is a gift to us, all of us, the people of today… Given from the children of yesteryear,” shares Wirth.

In the era of the great depression, 33,000 Utah school children collected pennies to build the statue.

“It was to tell us that there was hope for those discouraged,” he continues.

Twenty-five years ago, Wirth then met with one of the small children from 1936 who helped collect pennies for the much-needed statue.

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