‘Voice of the Cougars’ Paul James dies at 87

Paul James started doing sports in 1952 at Channel Four_1539062883884.jpg.jpg

PROVO, Utah (News4Utah) The Brigham Young University family is mourning to the death of legendary sportscaster Paul James.

James was the “Voice of the Cougars” from 1965 to 2000. He called many legendary moments in BYU football and basketball history.

James got his start in Utah television at Channel Four in 1952. He brought his personality to the world of sports after a stint as a commercial and staff announcer at the station.

He first hosted a bowling show called “Pin Busters” when bowling was the craze of the 1950s. His “Sports Final” was a must-watch in Utah as he explained sports in a friendly manner as if he was sitting in your living room talking to you.

He became the voice of the University of Utah and started the original coach’s show with then-head coach Ray Nagel.

In 1965, he moved across the street to KSL and continued his iconic presence in the market before making the switch to do play-by-play with BYU.

James always remembered his first days in TV which also included doing boxing matches at the fairgrounds, golf tournaments, and of course bowling in the 1950s.

Several years ago, he shared those stories with News4Utah’s Craig Wirth. Wirth will pay tribute to the likable legend in his Wirth Watching report on Sunday, October 14.

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