SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Following the battles of World War II, post-war Utah was full of excitement, with a huge variety of events hosted around the state in 1947.

That year had plenty to celebrate, including the 100th anniversary of the Pioneer Trek, giving Utahns a chance to recognize the Latter-day Saint pioneers as they first entered the Salt Lake Valley a century prior.

And as the winter cleared, with things heating up for the season, locals gathered in droves to get their summers going with new outfits on sale from the biggest outlets at the time — ZCMI and Sears.

The summer meant it was time for fun in the great outdoors, which saw everyone out on Utah Lake as they enjoyed recreation using boats so powerful they could pull people through the water.

Games were also big in 1947. One of the most popular games that year was marbles, featuring fierce competitions across Utah that baby boomers will remember all too well.

While the stadium at the University of Utah was not yet complete, it still hosted an assortment of sporting events, from the javelin throw to the long jump.

Even the Utah State Fairgrounds made way for entertainment that year, including a rip-roaring car race and a world championship horseshoe throw. The fairgrounds witnessed lines of visitors at its gates as they awaited the ever-popular synchronized swimming acts.

Hundreds of local students also gathered to stand tall for Utah and walk in unison at Brigham Young University’s annual Posture Parade.

With so much to do in the summer of 1947, it truly was a year for everyone to remember.