SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Winter conditions are fast approaching here in the Beehive State. And for 75 years now, our news station has been at the forefront of that coverage. Though, out of all the winter seasons we’ve been a part of, perhaps the most memorable is that of 1994.

This time 29 years ago, record-setting snowstorms found their way to Utah. It all started on Nov. 2, 1994, when a lake effect kicked in and covered the state in heavy stacks of snow.

All that snow was fun, for a time, until blankets of ice quickly followed it. But with more layers of snow within the coming days, locals were certainly in for a treat.

Utah ski resorts had plenty to celebrate. According to one employee at Alta Ski Resort in an ABC4 interview during that historic winter: “Even though this is a record November, we couldn’t be happier than to have it.”

These same resorts were certainly busy that month, taking call after call from hopeful visitors looking for their chance to get in on all the excitement of the season’s first snowstorms.

But as the snow continued to fall, and temperatures continued to drop, the winter began taking its toll on the region. Commuters discovered they weren’t able to get up the canyon and airports began canceling flights as the winter weather got worse and worse.

Looking back to 1994 and the endless snow seen that year, we can only hope this upcoming winter offers all the fun with none of the fuss.