Old traditions of Halloween offer great learning lessons for everyone


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 – News) Well its Halloween again…Just like it was years ago…Back when Utah kids lined up for blocks for the Tribune Halloween party.

They tried to bite apples…And well I don’t understand this game. But I do like the mop…

You see Halloween is not a new deal…Some person obviously found their parents super eight film and put it on You tube… Yep, that’s what our parents did back then. And we thought they were grownups.

Even 107 years ago… the Tribune society page listed dozens of parties.

In Ogden… the Maccabees threw a party. Halloween games and fortune telling furnished no end of amusement

In Kaysville Vera Bonnemort, Mollie Barnes and Daisy Strong entertained at a Halloween party

The home of Mr and Mrs George W Thatcher was the scene of a very pretty party when their daughter patience entertained

And on and on…Companies — such as the Paris Department store threw partiesm and the YWCA had a conga line dance…

Oh so many things to do… where do you start?

Of course— there were 1950’s educational films to help you…

The whole family is getting ready to make the jackolantern.. Peter has finished his cat mask, and Julie brings paper to keep the table clean.. and now father is back.

Okay, this is kind of a complicated film. But I’m going to help you through it.. With maybe just a touch of editorial freedom

Well they make a jack –o- lantern and offered some commentary about it.

sad… sorry… Uh oh, what is Peter up to? And the kid runs around with his cat mask and hangs it on the lamp… Now is that a good idea, paper and a hot lamp?

Well they don’t worry about it…

But Shep the dog does and the next day he gets the cat mask… and chews it up… so that they can’t hang it on the lamp again. Smart dog!!! That’s the educational moment I got out of the film.

Of course that makes the kid cry… he was going to wear the mask to the kids parade. So mom makes a costume with stuff around the house— such as 30 yards of cloth…And a straw hat.

Well of course that wins….The first prize for Peter is a box of balloons. And Peter calls all the other children to share his prize. Balloons for everyone.

Shep is happy that he helped peter win… Peter is very happy. Yes, Halloween is fun.

Okay, so again the lesson from the old film is, if you’re going to have a good Halloween… get a smart dog.

And stay away from the internet…Or you will get some real bad ideas…

Such as 10 million 400 thousand hits on combining baby showers and Halloween…It’s a ghoul… are you kidding, someones ready to be a mummy … oh no…

So if you’re going to throw a party, just know this. You’re part of a great tradition… That’s been going on for over a century..

Craig Wirth good 4UTAH.

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