SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — As Utah’s first news station, ABC4 has undergone many changes over our 75 years on television. Perhaps the most notable difference for viewers watching our daily broadcasts is our news set and how it has evolved since we first started.

It all started in 1948, with very humble beginnings for our news set. Broadcasts were made simple at that time, as all that was needed to share the news of the day was a sign, a desk, and a well-informed anchor.

Viewers looking for background on a car accident could watch our broadcast, featuring a visit from local police officers bringing with them toy cars to demonstrate the incident. Need an explanation of complicated city taxes? Utahns could tune in to watch a careful explanation by one of our reporters with big letters on an even bigger card.

Back then, our network had 100 percent of the ratings — though there weren’t any other television stations for over 1000 miles.

After much trial and error, our news set got even fancier, including the ever-popular “spinning globe,” which gave each broadcast a whole new perspective for viewers.

With time came new colors and music. And while some changes to our set were more attuned to the decades, we have since made our set a pivotal piece of our newscasts. Today, our set is jam-packed with LED monitors, studio lighting, top-notch cameras, and even a reflective floor.

Through all the new set designs, there is one thing that has never changed over the decades here at ABC4 — our commitment to bringing viewers the best coverage of what’s happening across Utah and beyond.