Winter Weather Created an Ugly Commute for Drivers


UTAH, (ABC4 Utah) — The winter weather created an ugly commute for drivers Thursday morning. There were lots of slide offs and fender benders. The height of the storm was between 7 and 11:30 a.m. Utah Highway Patrol reported 135 crashes during that block of time.

Most were minor accidents. One though, did take the life of a female passenger in a Ford Focus. Ogden Police say the driver drifted across the center lane and hit a pick up head on.

Dozens of crashes were reported on Utah roads, most happened in Salt Lake Valley and Davis County. One crash included a patrol car but there were no injuries.
By 11 a.m., Trooper Mike Funk had responded to eight crashes.

Bad visibility, slick conditions and drivers going to fast made for the messy drive.

“The roads don’t look icy, but they’re wet and icy in patches usually on the over passes and under passes,” said Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Mike Funk. 

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