Windstorm Causes Construction Site Scaffolding to Collapse


SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Strong wind gusts took down scaffolding Thursday morning scattering debris all over the road near 2300 South Foothill Drive.

“That scaffolding acted just like a sail. It pulled the scaffolding right off the building and right into the roadway,” said Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Jacob Cox.

Sgt. Cox says the scaffolding blocked both northbound lanes from I-215 and I-80 onto foothill drive, leaving no way for traffic to get around the mess. 

“Very fortunate no one was hit. The scaffolding came down around 5:30 this morning so that’s the time when traffic is fairly light on Foothill,” Sgt. Cox said.

As a result, traffic was heavily impacted causing havoc for drivers. At one point the entire roadway was shut down to all northbound traffic as well as ramps from Interstate 80 eastbound and westbound and the ramp from I-215 onto Foothill.

“So all those ramps were shut down. It created a lot of chaos for everyone who was trying to get to work this morning or up to the University to get to school,” said Sgt. Cox.

Meanwhile in other areas of town residents woke up to knocked over trash cans and debris scattered on roadways.

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