Willard man rescued after being stranded on hike on top of Willard Canyon

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WILLARD CANYON, Utah (ABC4 News) – A 36-year-old man was rescued from Willard Canyon after he was unable to come down from his hike.

At about 6:30 p.m. the Box Elder Communications department said they recieved a call from an individual that was stranded on top of Willard Canyon in an area recognized by locals as Black Rock Peak.

The Smithfield man had been reportedly hiking the mountains east of Willard, had run out water, and was near exhaustion. Willard Fire Department and Box Elder Search and Rescue personnel responded to Willard Canyon and began hiking toward a known GPS obtained from the 911 call.

The searchers were reportedly able to see the man and made the decision that to get to the way they had begun would take at least an hour or more. With darkness less than an hour away and knowing the exact location of the man the search and rescue team determined there was an extreme risk not only to him but to the searchers to try and get him down by conventional means.

Utah DPS Aero Bureau was notified and available and responded to the scene where they were able to successfully hoisted the man to safety. The helicopter landed at the LDS Church parking lot on Willard to drop him off. He was treated by Willard First Responders and was not injured, according to officials.

Emergency crews are reminding everyone to enjoy the outdoors safely. They advise that anyone who decides to go hiking should take plenty of water, prepare for the elements, tell someone where you are going, your specific route, and when to expect you to return. Do not deviate from that plan without letting someone know. Cell phones are great to have but do not rely on them for navigation or phone service in an emergency. If you are overdue someone should be able to tell searchers where to start looking.


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