UPDATE: East Fork Fire grows to 83k acres, 68% contained

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UPDATED 10/12/2020:

Still at 68% containment, the Eas Fork Fire has now burned 83,000 acres.

High wind gusts on Sunday grounded air operations for the fires but wind speeds are expected to be lower on Monday. The fire area received some snow on Sunday, which also helped moderate fire behavior.

This lower fire behavior will continue today, although the moisture levels of larger fuels remain dry and ready to burn. The priority area for the fire area will be around the Upper Stillwater Reservoir area. Today, crews will get in and hold and mop-up direct line above the reservoir. Crews will work to complete line preparation along Rock Creek Road and Stillwater Trail. On the northeast corner of the fire, firefighters will continue to work today on indirect line construction. Firefighters are also being assigned to look at contingency lines further away from the fire area. This is to be prepared for fire growth west of the wilderness boundary if there are winds that cause the fire to shift that direction. 

UPDATED 10/11/2020:

The lightning-caused East Fork Fire is now at 82,671 acres, 68% containment.

Closures: The closure order on the Ashley National Forest for the local area and roads may change. Any changes to the current closure order will be posted to https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7052/ .

Utah Fire Info:

“Southwest winds on Saturday caused increased fire activity with the largest area of growth being in the High Uintas Wilderness area. The fire continued to back around the Upper Stillwater Reservoir at a higher rate than in previous days. The fire filled in additional area northeast around Granddaddy Lake, and was actively burning within current perimeter in the area around Raspberry Draw as previously unburned islands of vegetation ignited.”

Wind gusts on Sunday are expected to halt ground air operations but firefighters will continue to provide protection for buildings and infrastructure in the Moon Lake and Yellowstone Reservoir area.

FRIDAY 10/09/2020:

Officials have indicated the East Fork Fire is 68% containe now that it has grown to 80,535 acres. The Forest road and area closuer remains in effct for the Ashley National Forest.

According to Utah Fire Info, the fire showed increased fire behavior on Thursday with activity increasing in areas that had been previously quiet.

Most of the activity is northwest of the Stillwater Reservoir in Brown Duck Basin and northwest of Moon Lake.

MONDAY 10/5/2020:

Utah Fire info stated on Saturday that there have been 72,962 acres burned and they are at 70% containment.

A current closure map may be found here: https://tinyurl.com/y527twhc. The complete closure order may be found here: https://tinyurl.com/yxnh9oal.

MONDAY 9/28/2020:

The East Fork Fire has burned an estimated 69,412 acres and is currently 72% contained.

SUNDAY 9/27/2020

The East Fork Fire is now 68% contained with 68,342 acres burned, according to Utah Fire Info.

On Saturday, high winds increased fire activity and smoke could be seen northwest of Moon Lake Campground in Brown Duck Basin.

The high winds halted air resources and crews established suppression through hoses and repairs and monitored the perimeter.

Rock Creek Road is now open to the Stillwater Ponds.

TUESDAY 9/21/2020 – According to officials with Utah Fire Info the East For Fire has burned an estimated 66,655 acres and 26% contained.

MONDAY 9/21/2020 – The East Fork Fire  is 66,706 acres and 26% contained.

Firefighters now have a continuous containment line running from the Bear Lake are on Rock Creek Road all the way to Mackentire Draw, according to Utah Fire Info.

Update 8/28: The East Fork Fire has burned an estimated 2,752 acres and is currently 17% contained. Crews say firefighters will reduce vegetation around facilities at Moon Lake as protection from this or any future fire.

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