SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (ABC4Utah) – Strength and durability sound like an appropriate motto for a company that makes component parts. What is a component-part manufacturer? JD Machine Corporation is trusted with making parts that go into airplanes, defense systems, and medical devices. They are often the first stop in the supply-chain that provides parts for the things we use and rely on every day.

The niche industry of component-part manufacturing is currently alive and well in Utah. The supply of parts for any kind of product or item you use might as well have come from Utah if not a big manufacturing state. Manufacturing and supplying other manufacturers with parts is a main factor in the health of our economic engine.

JD Machine has been in operation in Utah for 40 years and is family owned. Diversification of manufactured items at JD is part of the reason they have been able to stay in business and enjoy stability. Even over the 40-year life of the company, it has experienced 18% growth year over year because of not relying on manufacturing for one single industry.

Since technology and automation has come in play, that doesn’t mean that jobs have gone away. Matt Wardle, President, says that the jobs have changed instead of disappearing. The jobs are high-tech and require skilled workers to employ the technology. Challenging and great careers still exist in manufacturing.

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