UTAH (ABC4) – Ali Sabbah is the owner of Salt Lake City restaurant Mazza and he’s changing up his menu, raising prices and cutting hours. Sabbah said he feels has to do something to address inflation and rising labor costs. 

While the latest report from the Department of Labor shows the cost of food at restaurants has gone up 7.6 percent over the last year, grocery prices are up even more at 13.1 percent. 

This is the largest year-over-year increase in grocery prices since March of 1979. 

President and CEO of the Utah Restaurant Association, Melva Sine, said restaurants in Utah have made similar moves to Mazza including cutting hours, changing menu offerings and making portions smaller, but grocery stores don’t have as many options. 

“They’re not like food that is purchased and then prepared at home, where those operations probably are open hours much longer, seven days a week, and whatnot. So I think we’re doing everything we can to try and keep inflation under control,” said Sine. 

Sabbah said he’s not surprised by the data, because he knows restaurant owners are hesitant to increase prices. The last time Sabbah increased his prices was three years ago.