Why April Fools’ Day fake pregnancy jokes aren’t funny

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ABC NEWS April Fools’ Day often comes with a myriad of jokes being pulled on unsuspecting people both at home and in the workplace. 

Pranks seem to get more and more creative every year, from planting grass gardens inside co-worker’s keyboards to putting toothpaste inside Oreo cookies. But one joke in particular that has been a popular prank for years, isn’t so funny anymore.

For women who struggle with infertility, the joke can be heartbreaking. Many have spent years trying to have a baby of their own and long for the day they can make their own pregnancy announcement to their friends and families. 

After trying to conceive for two years, Qiana Gabriel, an engineer in Ellicott City, Maryland, said she and her husband now stay off social media after seeing multiple friend joke they were pregnant.  

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 12 percent of women, under the age of 44, have experienced difficulty conceiving or carrying a baby to term.

Helen Stephens, CEO and president of Diversity Fertility Services, LLC in Short Hills, New Jersey, said those who are thinking about pulling this prank on April 1 should be mindful of the emotional ramifications of this particular prank.

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