Who Killed This Magna Mother of Two Little Girls?


MAGNA, Utah (ABC4 News) – An autopsy has ruled the death of 24 year-old Natalia Casagrande last night in her Magna home as a homicide.

Many neighbors like Jason Meinhart, who lives just two doors down for Casagrande, say she was a very nice girl.  A stay at home mother who was welcoming and friendly.

“She was very nice,” he says.  “She’s say ‘hi,’ when she walked by, she wasn’t reclusive at all.  She was a very sweet lady.  There was no reason at all anybody should want to do this to somebody like that.  She was…she was nice.”

Police say around 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday her husband discovered her body in the basement of their home at 7715 W Jefferson Road in Magna.  Police say her and her husband had been in contact via text messaging and were texting up until the point of her death.  Police say in conversations with her husband he had no reason to believe she was in danger or in distress.

“They were just talking back and forth via text and then she stopped responding which I guess obviously made him concerned enough, when he could do it, he came home,” said Lt. Lex Bell with the Unified Police Department.  

Early in the investigation police believed her death may have been a suicide, but the circumstances seemed suspicious.  

“There were just a number of factors that didn’t seem to add up to suicide that the officers and first responders observed,” said Lt. Bell.

For example, the fact that there was no weapon found hear the body and a white car that neighbors reported seeing pull into the driveway an hour before her husband discovered her body.  

“Two neighbors reported seeing a suspicious white car that pulled up to this house and they heard a noise that they thought like the car hit something, kinda like a loud bang,” says Lt. Bell.

Police say Casagrande’s body had extensive trauma and bleeding when she was found.  Though they wouldn’t say in what manner she died or where on her body the injuries were.  To make this story even more tragic, Casagrande’s two daughters, a 5 year-old and a 1 year-old, were in the house when their mother was killed.

“I’m hoping that they didn’t witness anything but it just makes this tragedy that much more terrible,” says Lt. Bell.

Neighbors described a chaotic scene last night as the family arrived at the home.

“They were screaming out loud, they were crying and so that was the altercation that I heard, but then I opened the garage door and discovered that it was them trying to fight their way in trying to get inside to their loved one,” said Meinhart.

This afternoon, the autopsy report concluded Casagrande’s death was a homicide.  Police are now concentrating their efforts on following up on leads and trying to find the person responsible for killing this young mother.  

They are also concentrating on locating this white car neighbor say.  They say it had tinted window and temporary plates.

Police say her husband was very cooperative with police and they do not consider him a suspect at this time.  As for Casagrande’s two daughter they are safe with family tonight. 

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