SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Could there be a new face of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City? According to Instagram, yes, and her name is Angie Katsanevas. 

When she’s not aspiring to become a future RHOSLC, Katsanevas can be found in one of the many Lunatic Fringe Salons, a franchise which she founded and owns.

Katsanevas’ history with the nationally-known reality show dates back to 2019 when she first tried out for RHOSLC. After being kicked to the curb by producers, Katsanevas took to Instagram to break the news to friends and family, writing, “Did I make the cut for the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City you ask…The answer is NO…But we (Katsanevas and her daughter) got our matching Mommy and Me gear on just in case we got the call back. I should have answered YES when they asked if there was drama in the salons. I’m sure the women they chose are fabulous. We are Greek we will find another event to wear our matching heels to.” 

On her post, RHOSLC cast member Heather Gay commented, “You were born to be a star.” 

Following Katsanevas’ take on Insta, a RHOSLC fan account dubbed @queensofbravo with over 100 thousand followers suggested that the reject may make an appearance on the shows third season, posting, “It looks like we might have pics of the latest #RHOSLC newbie – @akatsanevas. Judging from an old post from 2019, looks like she tried out for Season 1, but just missed the mark,” along with photos of Katsanevas and RHOSLC cast members Jen Shah and Lisa Barlow. The three were spotted skiing together in the first week of March of 2022. 

According to Reality Blurb, Shah later confirmed the rumors on her Instagram story when she reshared a message posted by another Bravo fan account deeming Katsanevas the show’s “newbie.” 

The post features an image Shah posted of her and Katsanevas and read in full: “Jen Shah with RHOSLC newbie Angie Katsanevas posted five minutes ago.” 

Look for Katsanevas on the show’s season 3 debut sometime in the near future.