Whistleblower: Michael Drury had to be stopped


SALT LAKE CITY (News4Utah) – Something didn’t add up for Michael Gunn following a fire in Tooele County.

Gunn, a private investigator operates a security company called Metro Security Inc. and was a former business partner of Michael Drury.

Earlier this month, Drury was charged with multiple second-degree felonies involving theft and unlawful dealing of property by a fiduciary. Drury oversaw the finances of Honorable Colonels of Salt Lake.  
The charges stem from that association.  He’s accused of stealing more than $300,000 from Honorable Colonels for his personal use.

“I sent him an email saying you should be ashamed of yourself taking money from a fund that’s there to support fallen officers,” Gunn said. “(It) is just disgusting.”

Honorable Colonels is a non-profit organization in Salt Lake.  Among their goodwill is to provide financial support for families of fallen officers. They also appear at funerals to lend support for a fallen officer.

He said he became suspicious of Drury during meetings with other members of Honorable Colonels.  Drury allegedly tried explaining the finances that were in question according to Gunn.

“He was sweating profusely when he was talking before the board,” said Gunn.

Gunn said after that he no longer wanted Drury as a business partner.  After the two former partners went their ways, Gunn said Drury came to his office and spoke about the finances in question.

“He came into my office and he came right out and said that he took some money from Honorary Colonels but he was going to put it back,” Gunn recalled.

But Gunn said he had had enough and contacted authorities about what was happening at Honorable Colonels.

Drury is no longer associated with Honorable Colonels.  He was either terminated or resigned depending on the people involved.

“It doesn’t mean what he did in the past was illegal or theft,” said his attorney Clayton Simms.  “Everything was above board, everything was approved.”
Simms said investigators failed to realize Drury was providing in-kind services for the money he allegedly took.

“One of the things he did for law enforcement was he ran Big Shot Ranch,” said Simms.  “So he would allow law enforcement to go shoot guns and train at this shooting range.”

But the Big Shot Ranch located near Grantsville was destroyed in a fire last spring.   A search warrant by the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office determined it to be arson.  Gunn has his suspicions that Drury may be tied to the crime.

“He’s a bad dude,” said Gunn. “There’s a lot more to this than the theft of the money.”

To date, no charges have been filed in the fire that destroyed Drury’s ranch.

Drury remains in the Utah County Jail.  He was released September 19th but about two hours later he returned to jail.  He was accused of threatening a witness.

It’s a charge his attorney denied.  Simms said they will be back in court Thursday arguing for his release.

“He is not a threat to anyone,” Simms said.

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