LOS ANGELES, Calif. (ABC4) – Clearly, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel isn’t familiar with Utah geography.

“Where the hell is Logan, Utah?” Kimmel jokingly exclaimed while introducing the Utah State football team as members of the Jimmy Kimmel Live studio audience on Wednesday night.

The Aggies were in Tinseltown as part of their preparation and participation for their bowl game this week, the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl, where they will face Oregon State on Saturday at SoFi Stadium.

“Welcome gentlemen, I don’t know if you’ve been to Hollywood before but please hand your wallets to the Spider-Men waiting outside,” Kimmel continued in his monologue while addressing the team.

The fun continued on the ABC late-night show, as a few players took turns spoofing themselves by taking the stage and introducing themselves with statements that may or may not have been truthful.

They were kind of funny, though.

“I built myself a girlfriend out of Legos, then she dumped me,” quarterback Logan Bonner quipped.

Linebacker Justin Rice quickly and unashamedly declared his appreciation for the smell of kittens, while wide receiver Savon Scarver groaned that he was missing his holiday baking shows to appear on national television.

Taking his turn at the mic, defensive tackle Marcus Moore shared his dream of opening the first Dave and Busters in space, followed by wide receiver Derek Wright who reluctantly – and comically – admitted he didn’t quite understand his school’s nickname.

“I have no idea what an Aggie is,” he joked. “Nobody does.”

Thanking the team from Logan – by the way, Jimmy, if you’re reading this, it’s a city of 50,000 residents about an hour and a half north of Salt Lake City – Kimmel showed off the trophy up for grabs in his bowl game: a championship belt resembling something from a professional wrestling circuit.

And poking fun at a bit of Utah culture, Kimmel also suggested there may be even more on the line for Utah State on Saturday.

“Do you guys get to meet Mitt Romney if you win, is that how it goes?”