What’s Showing at Utah Film Center?

Patrick Hubley, Director of Programming with Utah Film Center, talks about a couple of films screening at the Utah Film Center this week. 
One of the films screening is Motley’s Law. You can see it Tuesday night at 7 p.m at the downtown Salt Lake City library. 
Description: A fascinating portrait of Kimberley Motley, a former beauty queen who in 2008 left the US for the first time to work as the first Western litigation lawyer in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her work continues as she takes on human rights and troubled expats cases, but personal threats, including grenades thrown into the front of her offices, make it harder and harder.
The documentary Bluespace is screening Wednesday, December 14, 2016. 
Description of the film directed by Ian Cheney:
Without water, there is no life. Bluespace sets out on a creative expedition to two planets: Earth, where rising seas threaten our existence, and Mars, whose canals and ice offer science-fiction authors and astrobiologists the promise of terraforming and colonization. As climate and food scientists, riverkeepers and Sandy survivors explore the challenges facing waterfront cities like New York and Venice, Ian Cheney questions our future relationship with the natural world as one of potential lifesaving cooperation or ill-fated attempts at domination.
For a full calendar of events and screenings visit www.utahfilmcenter.org.

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