What’s Hot at 2016 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market


SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 Utah) – The who’s who of winter outdoor gear is gathering in downtown Salt Lake City. They’re in town for the 2016 Outdoor Retailer Winter Market. Not everyone gets a chance to see it, that’s why we sent Good4Utah’s Brian Carlson there to find out what hot new products will soon be in a store near you.

“Roughly 22,000 people from different businesses and companies are at the Outdoor Retailer cutting deals and getting a preview of the latest winter gear, some of which hasn’t hit stores yet. It’s closed to the public, but just because you can’t go, doesn’t mean I can’t show it to you. I received more than 35 emails from companies who want me to show you their latest winter gear. Let’s see how many we can crank out,” said Brian Carlson, Good 4 Utah.
“We’re here at the prAna (website) booth. I’m with Sasha Dietschi-Cooper, the V.P. of sales and you guys are a clothing company that specializes in climbing,” Carlson said. 
“Yeah, climbing apparel, stylish sustainable climbing apparel for the outdoors,” said Sasha Dietschi-Cooper, prAna, V.P. of Sales.
“Just like this jacket,” Carlson said.
“That’s the Apperson jacket, it’s actually available right now, it’s made with organic cotton, it’s got a shearling collar, super comfortable and warm,” said Dietschi-Cooper.
“And you guys are highlighting these women’s pants also available,” said Carlson.
“Yeah, Brenna pants. This is one of our hottest styles right now. It’s a 5 pocket, moto inspired stretch pant made with blue sign practices. It’s a great pant,” said Dietschi-Cooper.
“Now the only Utah company to email me was Cotopaxi (website). We’re “Good4 Utah,” they’re “gear for good.” I’m here with Davis Smith, the CEO, how does that work?” said Carlson.
“We believe businesses can be a force for good in the world. So I’ll give you an example. This bag specifically we use waste materials that would’ve gone into a landfill otherwise, we empower the sewers, we actually gave them creative license to design the bag themselves, so every one of them is unique. And if you order one of these bags online you get a hand written thank you card written by a refugee that lives here in Salt Lake City,” said Davis Smith, Cotopaxi, CEO.
“I’d say that’s pretty good,” Carlson said.
“You want to see some cool things at the OR show, Native Eyewear (website) has got it. Kevin Karch emailed me about some pretty innovative things they’re doing with goggles and glasses,” said Carlson.
“Check out our new backcountry designed goggle. It’s super anti-fog and it’s got polarization specifically designed for the snow. Next up is our new hardtop Ultra XP, it’s super venting and has an adjustable nose ridge so you can get after it on a bike or run,” said Kevin Karch, NATIVE, V.P. of sales.
“What you won’t see in stores yet is the yoga line from Manduka (website). Pamela Levine knows all about it,” said Carlson.
“As many of you know the red frog is the leader in yoga mats and towels, this is our new marble sustainable mat here for fall, and our men’s yoga line. The first yoga line made specifically for the male yogi and the practice of yoga,” said Pamela Levine, Manduka, V.P. of Sales.
“Got to have it for those yogis,” Carlson said.
“Yes, for male and female,” said Levine.
“And finally if you walk into the Kamik (website) booth, they’ve got good reason to get the word out. I’m here with Catherine Cook and you guys have been in the business more than 100 years,” said Carlson.
“118 actually, and we’re celebrating by launching our new Heritage collection. It’s domestically made, we use our proprietary rubber, which is light weight and unaffected by temperature. It’s comfort rated, it protects and it looks great and everything you want in a boot,” said Catherine Cook, Kamik, V.P. of Sales. 
“If you want this boot or any other products you’ve seen here today, some are available now, others you’ll have to wait a couple months. The only way to know is to go online,” said Carlson.

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