NEW YORK CITY – The Fourth of July is still over a week away, but in many cities, it seems the celebrations have already arrived.

New York City in particular has seen an eruption of pyrotechnics, a constant booming night after night.

“It was like sparkles and they just went off off and I said are you kidding me, that was Tuesday, then on Wednesday they were blowing off the big guys,” says Julie McCormick in City Island.

The big question: Why does it seem that there is so much more going off weeks before the holiday?

According to the NYPD 911 calls for illegal fireworks are up more than 10 times the amount from the same period last year.

“I mean is there no enforcement? Are they slowing down? What is happening, this gives me great concern,” says City Councilman Daniel Dromm.

It’s not just New York City. New Jersey is also getting an earful, and state police say it has become dangerous.

“Save our Forest Fire Service from that. They’ve responded to over 700 fires already,” says Col. Pat Callahan with the New Jersey State Police. “They are illegal and should only be done by those permitted professionals.”

Earlier Monday, it was a giant blast at Rodman’s Neck in New York City, by police deliberately incinerating illegal fireworks.

Smoke billowed into the sky and could be seen for miles. FDNY fireboats were called to the scene to put out the fire. People across the water on City Island say they may be used to the shake rattle and roll that goes on daily at Rodman’s Neck, which operates as an NYPD firing range, but this blast had an extra oomph.

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, backyard firework use is expected to hit an all-time high this Fourth of July – and that’s just the legal ones.