(ABC4) – The current baby formula shortage has left parents across the nation in fear. Unfortunately, the issue shows no sign of improving any time soon. However, there are steps parents of young infants can take in order to ensure that their babies get the food they need. 

Richard So, MD, pediatrician for Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital spoke out on the matter, saying, “All of our pediatricians are receiving numerous calls from parents that they can’t find their specific formula brand or formula for their babies, it’s not on the shelves. What we want them to do is look for a similar brand, it may not be the same brand and try generic.”

According to So, it’s perfectly safe for parents to opt for a generic brand of formula instead, even in terms of formulas designed for babies with sensitivities, as the ingredients are usually fairly similar. 

Though a more expensive option, he noted that liquid formula is another safe alternative. 

So added that buying formula off of the internet is okay, as long as it is from a reputable company here in the U.S. that is FDA regulated. 

On the contrary, So advises avoiding making homemade formulas, supplementing formula with cow’s milk, or diluting store-bought formula. 

“When parents can’t find it, they’re going to try to stretch out like a store brand formula and maybe diluting it, that’s very dangerous to your baby as well because formulas are very balanced from a micronutrients and electrolytes standpoint,” he explained.

Finally, So emphasized the importance of only buying about two weeks worth of formula at a time so that there is enough for others in need.