UTAH (ABC4) – As Feb. 14 rolls around, the romance in the air is inescapable.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the team at CenturyLinkQuote found themselves wondering what relationship advice was sought out the most in each state. 

For the fourth consecutive year in a row, the researchers combed through search volume data to discover that Utahns can’t stop googling “How to kiss.”

However, Utah’s not alone.

“How to kiss” was the most Googled relationship question in the nation, making it the most popular dating curiosity in 32 states. 

The least popular relationship concern was “Does he like me,” with only Californians turning to the Internet to conduct research on the matter. 

Based on the study, other dating advice Americans found themselves needing in 2021 included, “How to get over a breakup,” “Best dating apps,” “When to say I love you,” and “When to text back.”

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