(ABC4) – Shrinkflation is a common tactic companies use to save money without consumers noticing. Shrinkflation is when a container size or product amount is shrunk but the price is the same. Consumers spend the same amount of money but get less product.

This practice is legal as long as the products are clearly labeled, and the business is not engaging in unfair or deceptive practices.

Consumers likely don’t notice the difference in product size or amount and instead focus on the price. Those that increase their price vs those that decrease product see that those with the decreased product make far more sales.

Shrinkflation can affect any product you see in stores from paper towels and toilet paper to crackers and pretzels.

According to mouseprint.org, these were some ‘shrinkflations’ seen in stores from 2021-2022

  • Sun-Maid Raisins

Old- 22.58 oz

New- 20oz

  • Dove Body Wash

Old- 24oz

New- 22oz

  • Charmin Toilet Paper

Old- 264 sheets

New- 244 sheets

  • Keebler family size cookies

Old- 17.2oz

New- 14.6oz

With inflation rates continuing to rise, we may see shrinkflation continue to affect grocery items.